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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bill Gates At Digitial Entertainment Anywhere Event

Bill Gates explains the vision of digital entertainment anywhere as, "the ability to have your music, your photos, your video wherever you go. And that means a lot of different places. It means having those media experiences on the phone in your pocket, having a portable device that kids can watch movies in the back of the car, being able to have these things anywhere in the home, whether it's a bedroom with a TV screen, a room that you've just got your great speakers in and you like to listen to music. And the experience should be unified. If you set up a playlist, it should be available everywhere. If you supply the music, all the devices should be able to play that music". He added,"This is where we see digital entertainment anywhere moving into the mainstream. This year we'll look back on as an inflection point for those media activities. Last month our announcements were about the music service, and the new music player, and the portable media device. That music player has gotten off to a very incredible start. It's called the Windows Media Player version 10, and we put that out just a month ago, and we've had over 17 million downloads of that. That's one every five seconds, and actually the rate of downloads is continuing to rise. So that's an enabling factor. That's the thing that exposes them all, and gets this all going. So you can see that when we talk about high volume we're talking about over time, over the years ahead, the majority of households having rich, multipurpose media experiences".The number of homes that have broadband, the power of that broadband connection is just going to go up all over the world. The ability to distribute media inside the house, you can do that on a wired basis, or more and more on a wireless basis, and making that easy to set up, and making it work, even with video, high definition video, that's just getting better and better. The music player devices, the digital cameras that acquire the photos. The phone, some of those phones will even have hard disks in them, and connect those things up, as well. So all these trends are coming together.

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