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Friday, August 06, 2004

IPod and RSS relationship via Kathleen

An interesting analysis from Steve Gillmore about the relationship between IPods and RSS.The iPod platform shares important characteristics with the RSS platform. In effect, the device is an aggregation hub for time-critical information. As RSS aggregators begin to prioritize information according to the user's subscription patterns (attention.xml), the resulting caching of relevant data improves.Applying this triage to audio streams will improve the iPod's value proposition accordingly.RSS aggregators, whether in the service cloud or cached intelligently between server and client, can prioritize iPod downloads based on event triggers aggregated from my RSS feed watch lists.Once the economics of delivering text lowered the barrier of entry to (effectively) zero, the bottleneck shifted from publishing to getting the reader's attention. Similarly, the iPod has lowered the barrier to entry for broadcasting, allowing radio to shift from licensed to unlicensed spectrum. Getting the listener's attention comes next, with intelligent caching based on attention metadata orchestrating the route down the broadband pipe to the iPod platform.
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