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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

C.K.Prahalad : Will Be Sorely Missed

 C.K.Prahalad : The name resonates with different people - Business, Entrepreneurs, Management thinkers, Co-Authors, Consultants, Management Students, Government workers - in many different ways. For CK, perspective in most of what he had done has essentially come out of discussing, debating, working, observing and challenging with everyone around him. His belief in the early 1990s that there was more to strategy than the existing body of knowledge caught the attention of all and catapulted him into a different league. The idea that smaller business entities in a newer market can successfully compete and win looked counterintuitive until CK began to push the idea more aggressively. 

He had more integrated view of business than most others of his genre. He had a firm belief that inclusive growth and sustainability were intertwined and believed that inclusive growth and sustainability forces us to recognize how to do more for more people with less. This is the bedrock of his themes on business competitiveness, co-creation and sustainability. He claimed that his work centered around four areas: globalization, connectivity, inclusive growth and sustainability. The reality is that nobody has looked at all four of these and tried to understand their linkages for better leverage. He rightfully felt that this intersection of the four would be creating the next big opportunities for management and the society at large.I have seen him in action in the fields of information technology, innovation, TiE, Sustainability - all within a span of few years and the way he created seminal thinking and action in the respective fields was sheer magic. He galvanized the movers and shakers of these industries and many times was part of creating new landscape. He was very imaginative in his thinking and always had the ability to move the needle through his discussions. Read the full note  http://sandhill.com/opinion/daily_blog.php?id=44&post=632" target="_blank">here
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