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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Enterprise Software : Not The Significant Other

Scoble says that enteprise software isn’t sexy. Vinnie makes a passionate defence.By definition, enterprise software products are designed to integrate computer systems that run all phases of a businesses' operations to increase internal coordination of work and cooperation across an enterprise. These products facilitate the integration of core business operations and processes, including sales, accounting, finance, human resources, inventory and manufacturing. An implementation might involve a single application, or portions of a single application, or an enterprise system could control all major business processes in real time, via a single software architecture on a client/server platform.
Tibco’s Vivek Ranadive highlighted somewhere that some banking customers of TIBCO have infrastructures that are bigger than the public Internet in terms of the storage they consume, given all the data and equipment they have to support. It’s massive.
The current developments in the web have given the users a sense of empowerment . This means people can do things very quickly and on their own, so the velocity of information is a lot faster. This gives a sense of illusion that things move only faster in consumer space. Lets step back – what is the future of the darlings of consumer space of today : moving into the enterprise . Matt Asay points out,the real enterprise software companies of tomorrow are probably the biggest consumer technology software/online brands of today: Google, Yahoo, Digg, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

As I wrote here, the consumerization of enterprise technology has the potential to open up new powerful combinations. The possibilities of such fusion of different worlds may open up good chances for disruptive innovation - this provides a platform for such an ideal fertile ground that can lead up to a potential business model innovation – so enterprises need to be well prepared to capitalize on such possibilities. What should the CXO’s do in such contexts: Embrace such technologies faster and in innovative ways align them to their business growth plans. Consumer technologies are not a taboo to be shunned - these need to be constantly assessed for their potential for innovative leverage in growing business.

Imagine a world of business and commerce without those huge software applications. The global prosperity wave that we are seeing, significantly leverages enterprise software capabilities.There are repeating patterns of significance from the cavalcade of mergers, products, partnerships, and technologies on the enterprise software market . The highly competitive and high-IQ nature of software technology guarantees that the tide of significant advancements in the enterprise software industry will not likely be seen next week. The scope of impact is dramatically different between the enterprise software applications and that of the consumer space. A macro-trend cuts a swath through the software industry's silos, affecting the industry cross-region, cross-vendor, cross-market, cross—vertical industry, and cross-customer – a feat that enterprise software specializes in and one as irregulars, we are happy to facilitate make it happen faster, better and cheaper. Like they say that brevity in expression is a hallmark of an expert, extend the line of thinking, the blog traffic is not the indicator of impact - in real sense.In doing so, we don’t need to feel glamorous on a minute-to-minute basis.After all, enterprise software is not the significant other.
Update : Irregulars - Michael Krigsman, Dan Farber, Dennis Howlett, Anshu Sharma, Craig Cmehil, Jason - offer their perspectives.

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