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Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Facebook Phenomenon

It looks like that the Facebook Frenzy is at its peak now. With the flexibility for third-party companies and developers enables to create custom applications for Facebook members to add to their profiles, building "Facebook apps" has become a top priority for many Web companies-particularly smaller ones looking to make it big by capitalizing on Facebook's large and loyal user base. Already we are hearing views that less than a month after its debut, however, Facebook Platform may be closing in on a saturation point. However, I must sya that the Facebook penetration in the market is happening very fast indeed. In this web 2.0 age, perhaps growth needs to be assessed perhaps on a daily basis? Courtesy of Rajesh saw this lovely comparison between Facebook & MySpace. The article concludes that Facebook in the clear winner in the comparison shootout. Talking of the comparison, it must be recognized that MySpace rapidly grew to be the largest site on the internet in terms of page views. In less than 3 years it surpassed yahoo in traffic volumes. Obviously to manage this fast growth, they’ve had to deal with scaling problems and their focus seems to be in slowly and steadily fixing the errors/server problems. Perhaps they are now working on new features and right now indications are that MySpace is atleast three times larger that Facebook world wide. Clearly we can expect to see some far reaching things happening in this space.

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