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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Age & Success

Fred Wilson clarifies on the age debate – “We have funded only one 20 something entrepreneur in close to 15 investments we've made so far in our fund. I am sure we'll do more but we are not going to be a fund focused on 25 year olds”.

I was first shocked when I read about this whole controversy. I completely agree with Dave Winer, in what he has said in his rebuttal . The clear truth is that age is mostly a matter of mind. I regularly see very active middle aged people and lazy youngsters and vice versa- in daily life, I see bright, average and mediocre people at all age levels. If anything contrasts abound in real life related to conventional thoughts.

I like to be in the company of bright youngsters – I like their enthusiasm, confidence and sometimes their zeal and beliefs. While there are really good & admirably enterprising young people, it is also the case that the younger lot are not burdened with the baggage of the past that comes in the way of radical innovation. Its both good and bad –the good is obvious, the bad is the naivety and innocence can also lead to costly mistakes. Age is clearly not the only determinant for lasting success. It has to be seen in combination with several other factors like passion, enthusiasm, commitment and perseverance with a binding vision. Age is mostly an enabling factor –to ensure ability to make action and thought stay aligned. As seen in success & growth mindset, the dogged determination to shape one’s own destiny, one’s beliefs in being ever hopeful, creating and distributing wealth all point to set of core beliefs – the likes of which are essential for entrepreneurship and growth. Truly successful people define new levels of success at all phases in life- while being young through middle aged to old life.

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