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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Relaunched Technorati & The Changing Face Of Search

The 45 people strong Technorati currently track over 250 million videos, blogs, photos, podcasts, events, and other social media objects in addition to more than 80 million blogs, says its founder Dave Sifry. Today search is getting faster, more personal and covers a broader range. Over a period of time, my usage of technorati has been coming down - sensing such happenings amongst other things- technorati seems to be getting relaunched with a different focus.
While introducing the newly launched Technorati he writes that the world has changed and isn't just about blogs anymore. In line with this he says, the search silos are being eliminated on Technorati – users needed to know in the past the difference between keyword search, tag search and blog directory search in order to make use of the full power of the site. With a new simplified experience, technorati, he claims would be able to assemble the freshest, hottest, most current social media from across the Live Web - Blogs, posts, photos, videos, podcasts, events, and more. All this with a brand new user interface that looks simpler , and more intuitive.

What I liked about the new launch is its stated promise of providing more context around more stuff like videos, music, and blogs. Over time, these pages need to get richer and more comprehensive with the promised addition of information about the thing itself, like where it was published, who links to it, what other things are similarly tagged, and more. Google’s launch of universal search is an important milestone in the evolution of search market. I think the search market is also undergoing a massive change and niche search engines may fall apart. Vertical search engines may have to come out with new business models – the search world is never going to be the same again. The search market is also a tough market to enter, sustain and grow and with the changing face of web, its growth and powerful technology, it is going to get more and more tough marketplace. Yahoo/MSN needs to brace itself for a more tough search marketplace.

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