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Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Bizarre World Of Desktop Applications

Nick Bradbury writes

“Despite the power and rich UI that desktop applications offer, it's obvious that the move to Web applications is accelerating. For many people, the ability to access your data through any browser clearly outweighs the benefits of desktop software. Despite the enormous graphical improvements and other advances in Windows Vista, downloading and installing software is still too scary for non-technical users”

How true : Practically everyday I keep facing one or other problem with my desktop application(s). The problem seems to be worsening and not otherwise. Web apps also gives some creeps once in a while, but we are lot more forgiving and their overall score on reliability and performance keeps improving. For some strange reason, I also notice that changes, updates and innovation are seen much better with web based apps. I am fond of telling my friends – if aircraft software has the same reliability as desktop applications, 99% of air travel would be unsafe. I am very surprised that with the Wintel block pushing the limits of processing, speed & capacity the reliability levels of desktop applications are not keeping pace. Practically every computer user in the world would echo similar sentiments and still they have adjusted to this stark reality!!. Its not a question of technical, advanced or non technical users. Every software installation is an adventure – one would have to keep wondering which part of system would start malfunctioning in unexpected and most bizarre ways. The best part is install and uninstall methods do not conform to standards – one would not know for sure the completeness of the process in some instances. Its one thing that legal immunity provides with manufactures with some cushion and mass apathy another type of cover, this is unsustainable and plainly ugly. Overall bizarre..Clearly it is time for the next wave of applications.

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