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Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Evolution Of The IT Worker

eWeek has an interesting note on the future of the IT Worker.With technology’s critical support to business getting more and more pronounced, The IT manager isn't going extinct. The next chapter for the IT worker could be promising, argues the authors of the book – “The IT Manager’s Handbook” and they believe that :
Outsourcing has a diminishing luster & the magic has worn off. It's switching one headache for another one—managing the outsourcer.
IT workers will enjoy global demand for their services. While fear of being outsourced dominates, a global marketplace is emerging. That fact means workers could hang a shingle and become global players on their own.
Thomas Malone believes that we're headed for equilibrium in the global wage market.It may take a decade or two, but at some point, people capable of doing work will get paid roughly the same amount wherever they are. It will happen a lot faster than people think," Malone said. He earlier wrote,"Four decentralized organizational structures—loose hierarchies, democracies, external markets, and internal markets—that will be enabled by technology but centered around enduring human values shall be the dominant model. The shift from "command-and-control" management to "coordinate-and-cultivate," and the new skills that will be required to succeed would become critical to succeed. A framework for determining if a company’s situation is ripe for decentralizing and which organizational structure would be most effective would evolve".
• New architectures need multiple skills. Technology may play a subordinate /supportive role to processes
• Technology will spur organizational evolution. IT provides a hugely rich medium for organizational innovation and Malone sees people who stick it out in IT in the lean years will be well-positioned when the world wakes up and realizes that they need them. I recently saw a chart that showed that there are parts of the world where BPO/ITO work can happen at discounts ranging from 75% to 40% of US average rates on a sustainable basis. Seen from that perspective, it looks like a tall order for the above to materialize, considering the magnitude of change predicted - But still, I beleive that we shall moving along the lines predicted by Thomas Malone - how about you?

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