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Sunday, July 16, 2006

India Blocking Blogs!!

It appears that blogspot.com blogs hosted on Blogger.com have been blocked by some ISPs in India. Mridula has some related details. Apparently, one of the several ISP’s operating in the country confirmed the blockage. Connections through some ISP’s(most of them are big ISP’s) showed that things were normal. In effect within the country, blogs don’t really matter that much. The blogosphere hasn’t matured enough to have any real impact on Indian polity. Speculation is that maybe the government just wanted to block a few 'blogspot' sites and in the process the entire domain got blocked. I very much doubt that the Govenrment of India would do this deliberately or with the knowledge that the entire domain is blocked. But whatever be the intent the thought of filtering sites by blocking domains is simply not acceptable. India can not be in the infamous company of china and saudi arabia in blocking sites. I could not also avoid noticing the blogosphere coming up with ways and means to circumvent the blockage and still read the banned sites. Hopefully this is just an intent on filtering few sites that were wrongly taken by some small ISP’s to cover the entire domain – but if that is not the case – its stupidity –and would signal to dark age.

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