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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Blogs – The Recipe For Success

Courtesy of Steve Rubel came across this well compiled report by Dr. Nora Ganim Barnes, Chancellor Professor of Marketing, UMass titled –"Behind the Scenes in the Blogosphere". The report looks at the time it takes to run a blog, feelings about a public policy for comments and how blogs tie into existing business websites, products and promotions. The report points to the existence of all types of blogs. They include political, business, religious, financial, health oriented blogs and many more. Each has hundreds of specific subdivisions. In this study there are, corporate blogs for internal and external use (38%), independent blogs (27%) corporate sponsored blogs (15%), business affiliated/endorsed blogs (7%), business and business development blogs (5%), internal corporate blogs (3%) and a “network” blog. Pointing out that it is the humanity of the blogoshpere that makes it an enormous threat to business
as usual. The only way for businesses to survive this new consumer movement is to understand what makes blogs successful.

1. Blogs Take Time and Commitment – observations include –“Be prepared to spend more time than you think.”
2. Blogs Must Be Part of A Plan – “Bloggers decide on a focus for their site”.
3. A Blog is a Conversation – “blog is an invitation to debate, discuss and exchange”
4. Transparency, Authenticity, and Focus are good. Bland is Bad.Consumers who feel like a business blog is authentic, honest and interesting will
contribute to it and support its products.
It must also be noted that blogs are becoming more international than could have been expected. In summary, blogging takes time, commitment, and honesty. In return connections are made that are personal and strong. Blogs are not a fad. They are no longer even an option. Those businesses that choose to remain outside this online conversation, will be sidelined. Eventually they will become extinct.

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