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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Web 2.0 Applications Collections That Can Replace Desktop Apps

PCWorld captures the best that are happening in the web 2.0 world – As it notes like a child progressing into adolescence, the Web has entered a new era of sophistication. We used to spend most of our time just surfing the Internet--reading and downloading whatever we could find. Nowadays we're more likely to create waves ourselves by sharing our opinions, photos, and home videos; collaborating by text, voice, and video; or adding our own data to maps that span the globe. Applications that run in a browser are now almost as speedy as those installed on PCs. The shift from consumption to participation is a critical change in the Web's evolution. It's now easier than ever to post photos, documents, and other files to a blog, or to publish content as a news feed. This is an excellent list of web2.0 applications in the making.
Following the excellent list from Dion Hinchcliff of The Best Web 2.0 Software of 2005, we noted that it’s so amazing to see the number of new and innovative apps that are springing up, based on old and new technology alike.There are lot of such sites - also to note that the leaders are also potential takeover candidates - clearly demonstrating the potential value of these applications
Mercurytide’s paper show you how to use Web 2.0 applications to create an online platform for word-processing, spreadsheets, email, image-sharing, file storage, collaborative working, and for keeping up-to-date with current events. This has to be assessed in the background of the web becoming an integral part of all our lives & this uptake encourages those with ideas to create exciting new ways to use the web
. These ideas are those that important web companies — such as Google, Yahoo, and more recently Microsoft — are putting their money and expertise behind. The ideas of Web 2.0 are in its infancy and consequently so are its applications. These applications are evolving in a direction that can be harnessed to the web as a computing platform. And while the current crop can’t replace your desktop entirely, they certainly want to head in that direction. In the next year or two we will see if they can continue their success and bring a life online closer to reality. This is an excellent overview of the online applications you can use to replace your PC’s programs. Clearly the web2.0 movement is gaining momentum - though the coverage seems to be ahead - calling for a reality check.In it own waythe web2.0 ecosystem is beginning to be felt, albeit a small niche now.

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