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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Multi-Tiered Internet : No No

Mark Cuban makes the case for a multitiered internet,with priority given to the applications that really matter. He argues that application importance may vary and so logically it makes sense that some 'Net be divided into various priority levels. As he writes :
"The internet is a great enabler and equalizer ... because it can help people in ways that can change and save their lives. He adds, the more we upload and download and share:Standard definition video, high definition video, home movies in DV and eventually HDV, multiple megabit photos the more bandwidth we consume. The more PCs and servers we backup online, the more Web2.0 applications we use , the more new database applications come online, the more bandwidth we consume. The more bandwidth we consume, the more internet traffic jams we have. The more internet traffic jams we have, the worse our internet applications perform. Medical and home diagnostic applications require bandwidth. They also require a quality of service that cant be interrupted because little Johnny down the road is trying to download the entire NBC schedule for his freshman high school class. To enable mission critical applications, you have to have mission critical reliability. And that mission critical reliability has to be able to reach any home that a broadband connection can reach. To do that you need multiple tiers of service".

My Take : Cuban highlights that the internet traffic growth is outstripping the growth of the underlying infrastructure, and that there's nothing we can do about that – but fact remains that traffic overload does not cause any of the slowdowns. The rise in traffic and the rise in cost due to tech advances are almost getting inversely proportional. A slowdown is most likely caused because the local network is slow- or because the data center is having network issues – There is a QOS already in place and any means to impose priority on content/applications in digital highway is NO-NO in the increasingly triple-play converging world. The internet’s success itself was based on the democracy & non-discriminatory approach adopted by it. Last mile problems can’t be solved by multi-tiering.

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