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Friday, January 06, 2006

Google Getting Ready To Take On Microsoft & Apple

The bugle is about to be sounded – if informed speculations are right – Google will directly begin to compete against Apple & Microsoft.It is widely expected that Larry Page will announce two huge developments :
- One aimed at taking on Apple’s iTunes: The plan is for Google to offer vidoes from big channels.
- The second one named - "Google Pack," a new downloadable bundle of software that includes Google Maps but also RealVideo and antivirus software, will eventually compete with industry giant Microsoft.

The very mention of Google getting into the video turf has made Apple hyperactive – Apple informed iTunes subscribers today that all four College Bowl games from ABC Sports were available for downloading and viewing on the video iPod, in addition to shows like ABC's "Lost," NBC's ubiquitous "Law & Order," Pixar short animated films, music videos and other video content. This way where is Google headed – the aim is clearly nothing short of the internet world domination. Bear Stearns analyst Robert Peck mused last month about a Google device that "could form a mini-mesh home network," including connections "from the Web to your TV and enable the transfer of video downloads from the computer to the TV." Financial Times explains the pay-per-download video service, dubbed the Google Video Store, is one of the most ambitious attempts to bring traditional television content to the internet.For Google, it signals the first broad service where internet users will be expected to pay for content, as well as the first time the company has forged deeper commercial relationships with content owners. Google Inc hopes to position the new video service as the internet’s first “open digital content marketplace”, a place where owners of video content can make as much of their material available as they want. The new Google consumer software “bundle” will bring a new level of cooperation between a number of Microsoft rivals before it releases the next version of its Windows operating system. As we noted that for quite a while Google has assembled an impressive OS talent available today. The WSJ writes that Google has developed its own digital-rights-management software to protect downloaded videos from piracy – one more standard!! If these initiatives fire - then Google would have identified revenue stream beyond adstream reveneues but would be directly competing with the likes of Microsoft & Apple – not an easy battle for anyone by any measure.

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