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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blogs & Careers

Eric Spiegel shares some ideas about why blogging must be seen as necessary for career advancements : he thinks that blogging is an opportunity that can be used to your advantage. It now is common for job interviewers, customers and partners to Google your name before engaging with you personally. If your blog is found in the search results, they can get a feel about your disposition and experience regarding the subject matter of the potential engagement. If you have built a useful, thoughtful blog history, you could be well positioned to open the door for a fruitful business relationship. If not, you may not even get in the door. You can be sure if you claim to be an expert, you had better have a blog that covers your expertise or the door will be bolted shut. Good read for beginners considering blogging – also beware in blogs what is written is up for keeps and few times, bloggers have even lost their jobs for unintended indiscretions.

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