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Friday, December 09, 2005

Web 3.0 : The Hype, Reality & Promise

I am seeing a lot of coverage and noise about so called Web 3.0. David Hornik thinks we are in the heart of Bubble 2.0. Sadly, only one thing follows Bubble 2.0 and that is Bust 2.0. & points out that on the good side, there's always Web 3.0. While Web 2.0 may not be a bubble as worse as Kevin sees, I agree with David that too much hype is being created about Web 3.0.

With Web 2.0 ideas getting more and more attention and beginning to see action centered around it. Dick Hardt defines Web 2.0 as being the difference between DOS and Windows. In DOS we just used one app at a time, APIs were pretty minimal, there was no dynamic linking of data or components. Windows enabled multiple apps to be running in concert, at least most of the time. Web 2.0 is still emerging.

A quick assessment of what constitutes Web 3.0 make interesting reading . Mike Orren looking at here thinks that:
- Web 1.0 was "we make; you use."
- Web 2.0 is "you make; you use" , and asks;
- Is Web 3.0 "we make/you improve; you use"?
I think that web 3.0 proponents are talking about making web 3.0 influence lot more of what happens in mainstream life
. Jon Udell explains that in practical sense that in the Web 2.0 era, we're learning how to build and use software that enables us to collectively manage information resources. Those skills will serve well in Web 3.0, when we expose other kinds of resources - power, transportation - to the same network effects. He sees network effects taken for granted when we use services like craigslist and eBay should be extended to normal day-to-day services & sees possibilities like networking home appliances in order to itemize electric bill, and to expose electricity consumption to price-sensitive management and with travel - ability to negotiate online for an air taxi that would take travelers directly from regional airport to its counterpart near the destination, by passing the usual spokes & hub. He believes that these are now more clearly discernible on the horizon. The ideas are laudable
As I see it, Web 3.0 is all about decentralization of web services. Web 3.0 will probably be much more distributed than its predecessor ( even this is waiting for wide adoption and some notable success). Quite logical All I can say is that next five years none of these may happen – clearly Web 3.0 is one of those things where imagination runs miles ahead of reality.The creativity and pace of the web world is clearly amazing - after all the industry has progressed based on making such far reaching thoughts become reality. The reality has the potential to come true – years down the line.

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