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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Mary Meeker on Technology/Internet Trends(Nov 2005)

Courtesy of Paidcontent.org, came across this update from Mary Meeker on Global Technology/Internet Trends. She regularly tracks the advances in internet trends.While the whole presentation is a must read for all interested in the advances of digital technologies and their impact on humanity, a few things stand out:

- The US spent more on litigation compared to R&D Spending - she highlights that in 2001 (the most recent year for which data are available),US industry spent more on tort litigation [$205B] than on R&D [$184B].Read this related posting

- Mobile Leads Internet in Most markets(except in US)- (Mobile To Internet Ratio stands at 0.8: 1 in the US compared to 3.6 : 1 in china, surprised to note data on India not included on this aspect of analysis. Somehow in her assessment India relate data do not in general find place except in passing.)See this related post on latent mobile potential
- Global share of N. America = 23% of Internet users in 2005; was 66% in 1995
- More emails are sent via mobile in Japan than PC’s
- Top 10 internet companies – annualized revenue – US$ 28 billion
- Mobile Internet revenues at US$ 55 billion( incl SMS/MMS revenue)
- The US Share of Technology Usage / Innovation Falling and are expected to drop further.

Calling Broadband, VoIP, Video, Wi-Fi( or its equivalent), User Generated Content(UGC), On Demand Software, Open Source as game changing forces, she notes that online monetization is continuing to rise dramatically. Her perpective on the global internet thesis"
- 10-15% user growth
- 20-30% usage growth
- 30%+ monetization growth

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