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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Editors & Bloggers Control Part Of The Reader Attention

We covered the advancement internet reach surpasses the reach of the radio.Chris Anderson says he does not read mainstream publications and anything relevant to his interests therein will be anyway pointed to by his regular blog reads .He does not think that the mainstream media value is lost; but external editors in the form of network of bloggers do a good job. He sees his job as an editor to be one of a pre-filter - & the bloggers are post filters. So mainstream editors just control part of the attention chain, but the wise crowd controls the rest.
The blogs that have earned their way to my feed list are doing is adding value to commodity information in atleast three ways
1. Add value with a unique perspective or analysis.
2. Add value with unique information.
3. Add value by providing a unique filter/lens on content available elsewhere.
The magazines that have a place in this world, are those that offer something one can't get elsewhere & do one or more of the following:
1. Add value with unique perspective or analysis (above and beyond what's already out there).
2. Add value with unique information (often obtained through the privileged access still afforded the mainstream media).
3. Add value with unique presentation, especially using immersive forms that don't work well on-screen, such as long-form narrative and lavish packaging (including photography, infographics and other design elements).
While discussing the the future of news in the Covergence, RSS And iPod Age & the futue of newspapers, we emphasised the point that the future of newspapers is to change from a news organization into a news community. As we noted here, it is clearly the case that Internet's distinctive role in politics/business has arisen because it can be used in multiple ways. Part deliberative town square, part raucous debating society, part research library, part instant news source, and part comedy club, the Internet connects voters to a wealth of content and commentary about politics/business. After all the new forms of media are part of emerging trends.

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