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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Indian IT Industry : Exerting Career Choices

The IT industry in India employs more than million people with promises to improve many times. This creates lot of opportunities and scope for multiple options to work on a myriad types of jobs in a variety of companies.Sitting on the side of recruiting so many consultants, who are quite indecisive and tentative, a lot of counselling is certainly needed to help them make up their minds. Lot of people ask me guidance about which job to take up, what company to join, what to expect as salary and what technology to pursue.
Anurag Verma has some good insights in terms of exercising choices careerwise for IT professionals working with India headquartered IT Firms. Some snippets:
- A bigger salary does not always mean better job-satisfaction. Big companies (with good cash flows) can afford to give more salaries than other relatively mid-sized or small companies or start-ups. Work content in startups might be better than big companies.
- Be clear about goals and ambition - the best thing is to decide what you want to do quite early on in your career.
- Indicate to prospective employer the specific area desired for work (it is advisable to specialize in one domain/work area) and whether the company does that kind of work and you can be involved in that work.
- The opportunities to work on challenging and complex projects are increasing in India.
- The typical work content in product companies involves a mix of routine and challenging tasks.
- It requires a lot of effort to select the company of one’s liking. The requirement of your friend might be different from yours and you should seek companies that meet your requirement.
- Most of the recruiters/placement services send bulk mail to all and sundry. They do not scan resumes properly and just match keyword(S).
- The idea that working abroad is better than working in Indian companies might not be always true. Typically takes 4-5 years of overseas experience to get a good understanding of the overall execution of software products.
- Increasingly the nature of the jobs done in India is as good as that in the US or other countries. The only difference is that the products that are futuristic in nature are not so prevalent in the Indian IT industry. In addition, career growth in India is much better - and faster - than overseas.
I would like to add – Look for quality of management , do some research about their customer profiles, look at their service offerings , geographical reach and the rate at which the organization is growing, talk to some ex-employees, current employees etc – Look at the profile of the executives working in the enterprise - where did they come from, look at compensation and career maps available within the enterprise and then DECIDE. Always ak yourself at the end of every year how much your profile has improved – be dispassionate and objective about it –be quite focused on the job and be aware of the internal environment inside the enterprise you work for and be fully abreast of developments happening in the industry. Network, network - a lot. Always remember – Your career is to a large extent your own making. Want to say a lot more. Some other time in future shall write about it.

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