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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

SOA : Broad & Deep Adoption Within The Enterprise

The Industry Analyst Reporter highlights that SOA used primarily by large enterprises to rescue applications and processes in distress is now reaching ubiquitous implementation in the U.S, regardless of size or vertical industry designation, according to the high tech industry analysts. The Yankee Group sees, in a matter of a few years, SOA has seen wide adoption across the market, most notably among wireless, financial services and government sectors. Survey results show that retail will show the fastest adoption rate in the next 12 months; planned use of SOA in 2006 reaches saturation for wireless, retail, financial, manufacturing and government. 2006 will be the year of initial SOA project completion on a broad basis - not a hit or miss trend, but through a rising tide of broad and deep adoption of SOA across the market. Up until now, SOA implementation has been a predominantly homegrown, in-house affair, but now plans are in place to employ comprehensive SOA solutions strategically as a foundational improvement in areas such as application integration and content aggregation. As Sandra Rogers points out,We’ve had business process technology for a while, but it’s all been proprietary. Now there’s an effort to get a view of end-to-end processes. There are many business drivers you can point to: compliance issues and regulations that require process tracking and auditing, older legacy applications, and client-server applications. The need for flexibility is driving a lot of the interest. The adaptability, the flexibility to create a system and change it as needed are important. We’ve also seen companies taking advantage of the speed to deployment and the reusability of these services. It’s a continuing learning process—they’re trying to figure out the most efficient way to develop a service. We hear from people who are turning to vendors to provide these services. The amount of vendor support behind the standards is critical. Users see continued forward movement on the part of the vendors, and that lends a lot of credibility to Web services.Enterprises ramping up their SOA initiatives indicate they are placing their focus on content, data and metadata. Amongst the standards that matter, XML tops the list and tools, directory and middleware messaging standards followed in order of importance. SOA is definitely top on the list in many enterprises - How holistically - they can be planned, executed and leveraged are the key determinants of success.

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