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Sunday, August 07, 2005

'Seismic' Shift to E-Media

We recently covered Online Does Not Cannibalise Print wherein we wrote,"Recenty Dow Jones announced more profits from online compared to traditional media(This in my opinion reflects two things: Online making tradtional media reach to larger people and rise of online world can't be resisted - better embrace it -Indiactions are that combined strength of both online and offline readership of WSJ is larger than traditional print media readership).Retailers can definitely experience that buyers of all trendy and unique things surf online, do their research before any purchase - In the online world through comparison shopping, targetted advertising, promotional schemes, personalisation and preference patterns all provide unique value that can potentially drive offline sale as well quite significantly.Add mobile technologies and online world - the combination can really create deep impact in the offline world".Foliomag writes,The shift to e-media, in terms of mainstream content providers, has been “seismic,” and for business publications that means leveraging their content — and, in many cases, their newsrooms—for the end user. For some magazines, the structure of the traditional print newsroom and its integration into the digital realm is changing and, in many ways, a work in progress. Businessweek plans to integrate all platforms and has plans to roll out more verticals like innovation/design channel launched recently. But for all of the openings to content delivery it has created, the shift to e-media has caused some obligatory friction in magazine newsrooms among some of the venerable print reporters who are either hesitant or too busy to contribute online content. The shift is not without challenges – lot of reporters owe their allegiance to print media – Businessweek goes to the extent of making a sstory’s online performance review to staff’s own performance. WSJ sees the huge online subscription number as an indication of the strength of the online media. “The seismic shift has rattled the print newsroom just enough,” says Bigman of Forbes.com. Friction and its transformation of the newsroom aside, it is agreed that e-media in many ways is still in its incubation stage. “We’re on that next big wave.” And that wave’s curling lines—be it blogs, RSS feeds, podcasts or digital editions—has left many publishers abandoning preconceptions.

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