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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Long Tail - Fortune 500 Vs Fortune 500,000 s

Jasson Fried writes, The most innovative software designed over the next 10 years will 1. be web-based, 2. will come from small teams - referhere, 3. will come from self-funded companies - refer here, and 4. will be for the “side-business” or 1-10 person business market.
The “long tail” is a buzzword. There are people who work for their employer during the day and then run their own side business at night, passionate hobbyists that generate some income (and even those that don’t). The elance economy is becoming more prominent.It seems everyone has one these days. A little something here, a little something there. Something they love to do, or something they have to do, but the trend is clear: Many people are building their own side-businesses. And they need software (just not too much).
The big office suites aren’t for them. The big project management apps aren’t for them. The big heavy spreadsheets aren’t for them. The bloated accounting and payroll apps aren’t for them. What they crave are low/no-learning curve, simple focused tools that let them get their work done quickly and then get out of their way. They’ll increasingly prefer that these apps will be hosted by someone else — who has time for IT, or installs, or update patches. The new breed of side-businesses don’t need scaled down versions of “enterprise” apps or “small business” apps (which are just scaled down versions of the big ones anyway) — they need new types of software. They need brand new thinking. They need apps that can’t be categorized. They need apps that break the rules that no longer apply. And these apps need to be smaller, simpler, less. It’s time to care about the Fortune 5,000,000. Forget the enterprise market.

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