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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sun & SeeBeyond – Lovely Combination!!

The proposed acquisition of SeeBeyond by Sun is certainly a very good move(though there may be concerns about the valuation)- a very bold acquistion at that. The next "Internet Wave" will be the integration of legacy applications into new, composite applications. Seebeyond has limited proprietary lock in. Sun is poised to be early and forceful in monetizing this opportunity .Realization of Sun’s strategy to grow through targeted well as organically With the Proposed StorageTek (STK) Acquisition Sun plans to build the Storage Management Practice and SeeBeyond acquisition shall help Sun build the Enterprise Web Service Practice.
Look at the key advantages that this bestows Sun with:

- Sun’s enterprise application platform space strength gets significantly stronger.
- Sun gets ready to get into the sweetspot of enterprise middleware – high value
integration including BPM &transaction co-ordination features.
- Vaults Sun into a prominent position in SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
- Realizes synergies in technology/architecture as both firms use Java, Web Services
- Enables Sun’s customers to build solutions for regulatory compliance, RFID, SCM etc
- Brings in common vertical focus & strong systems integration capabilities.
- Business integration is a key CIO spending priority
- Helps sun encash customer preference for platform players

This is overdue for Sun.Traditionally, Sun has had limited capabilities in integrating enterprise applications and this plugs in very well and have seen. Besides being seen as sun’s investment in futuristic areas, this would make them competitive in the integration area.This is a prerequisite in responding to may RFP’s – Sun used to tie up with small vendors for that – the task becomes more easy and brings in more credibility to Sun’s stack of solutions.This would also go a long way in helping Sun advance into sophisticated solution areas like supply chain management and RFID(where Sun has some presence) Giving customers a way to integrate their applications without having to put [software] together into one stack is certainly a legitimate alternative proposal to put forth to the market.
Sun’s strength is channel relationships – that’s an area where Seebeyond was seen to be lagging significantly. Hopefully this would change. Sun's ultimate goal is to open-source all of the components of the JES stack, but apparently there is no time frame for when the ICANN technology might be open-sourced. Now Sun has to ensure that SeeBeyond support shall continue to exist for other platforms and also has a job at hand to win support from competitors –Several SeeBeyond applications run on Non-Sun platforms.Sun now has the right elements in place – would they get the firepower to storm the market – we should wait and see – but Sun’s promise increases – this also sends strong warning bells to other standalone integration players

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