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Friday, May 20, 2005

Self Adaptive Systems : A Perspective

Self Adaptive Software is useful for dealing with all forms of embedded software. This includes robotics, manufacturing plants, avionics, vehicle control, sensor systems, and others. It is also valuable for image and signal processing applications. It is also very useful for operating systems, middleware, installation, configuration and system management, and planning and scheduling systems. Self Adaptive Software evaluates its own behavior and changes behavior when the evaluation indicates that it is not accomplishing what the software is intended to do, or when better functionality or performance is possible. This implies that the software has multiple ways of accomplishing its purpose, and has enough knowledge of its construction to make effective changes at runtime. Such software should include functionality for evaluating its behavior and performance, as well as the ability to replan and reconfigure its operations in order to improve its operation.

Deviations from desired behavior detected within the reflective framework are used to re-synthesize the program code. The resulting program code may still differ from desired behavior requiring further self-adaptation. In a stable system this process will eventually converge towards the set point. The area of pervasive computing involves many of the above application areas, including: computer based perception, sensor and control systems, middleware, configuration and planning and scheduling. As such, Self Adaptive Software is an ideal framework for building pervasive computing systems .Read the paper- well written..

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