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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Nokia & Open Source

Came across this interesting piece - how much of opensource work, Nokia says it is involved in :
Nokia currently hosts, contributes to and sponsors several of open source software projects and initiatives. Nokia developers are directly involved in open source projects creating, refining, testing, using, and supporting open source software. Some key opensource projects that Nokia has been involved in either by directly contributing code or by sponsoring the work of open source developers.
Linux Kernel : Kernel enhancements related to general OMAP support, OMAP/DSP gateway, Bluetooth, journaling flash file systems, power management, 2D graphics support of fbdev-subsystem on OMAP (omapfb), and USB (Unversal Serial Bus). Also sponsored C++ and thread support for the uClibc C-library for developing embedded Linux systems.
Connectivity : Affix , a Bluetooth Protocol Stack for Linux developed by Nokia Research Center and released under GPL. Nokia has contributed extensions to the BlueZ and OpenObex libraries. The overall goal of BlueZ is to make an implementation of the Bluetooth wireless standards specifications for Linux. OpenObex is working on making an open source implementation of the Object Exchange (OBEX) protocol.
Application Middleware : GnomeVFS is a file system abstraction library allowing applications plugable transparent access to a variety of "real" file systems. Nokia has contributed the GnomeVFS OBEX module, which allows using the GnomeVFS API for file operations on remote devices connected over Bluetooth and OBEX, besides sponsoring the development of GnomeVFS using D-BUS.
Graphical User Interface : Involved in feature enhancements to the Matchbox window manager and user environment including Pango support (for localizing to non-western languages), X composite extension support (support for translucent windows and window shadows), a test suite, and performance and memory optimizations (for example, specific support for 16-bit graphics). GPE is a a Free Software GUI environment for palmtop/handheld computers running the GNU/Linux operating system. Nokia has sponsored the 1.0 release of GPE and the port of GPE to GTK 2.0 by KernelConcepts.
Applications : GTK+ Webcore is a Linux/GTK+ port of Apple Computer Inc.'s WebCore KHTML html rendering engine. The project has developed a KJS javascript interpreter, a KHTML rendering engine, a Qt porting layer, a WebKit API for embedding and a reference browser for demonstrating the functionality of the other components. Nokia has sponsored the Minimo (Mini Mozilla) project, which focuses on porting the Mozilla browser to small consumer devices and optimizing code-size and footprint for such devices.
Development Tools : Nokia has sponsored the development of the Scratchbox cross-compilation toolkit for embedded Linux application development.

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