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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Free Bandwidth, Server Power, Low Cost Storage + New Technology = New Disruption

James Seng points to an article on Google's ambitious plan to building a worldwise backbone and its implications.
Assumption :
- Bandwidth + Server Power = Free
- Storage Cost + New Technology = Dirt Cheap

In a decision that is changing the future of the internet, Google has told employees to move forward on the assumption that bandwidth and server costs will rapidly approach zero. That's a revolutionary development,.Google builds their own servers by the tens of thousands and would probably rank as number three or number four manufacturer. To lower bandwidth costs, they are working on creating an A class team for buiding global infrastructure. Persistent rumors have Google jumping in to voice over IP. It coul be that it won't be just competitors with Skype and Vonage, but instead will offer a far more comprehensive set of services that include video. The fundamental business model of telecom industry is changing - changing quite fast at that. No doubt Google is trying to latch on to rising trends early on to reach dominance as it has traditionally done and in a few instance like this trying to influence creation of a new trend .

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