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Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Case For Optimism

Shozhana Zuboff writes on the topic of optimism, very essential for Business and general success. Excerpts:

- Optimists know that change is real. Historical perspective helps. Just think: So many people today are working on issues such as sustainability, alternative business models, or human rights. These were invisible to most people only a few decades ago.
- Optimists measure change one person at a time. If everyone gives up, we're doomed. They look at what can be accomplished instead of being paralyzed by the big picture.
- Life is good when you live from your roots. Your values are a critical source of energy, enthusiasm, and direction. Work is meaningful and fun when it's an expression of your true core. You don't have to settle for work that puts you at odds with what you believe in.
- Optimism makes friends. Finding your own good work is likely to land you in good company. That's a critical ingredient for fun, laughter, and joy at work. These conversations reminded me that optimism is nourished by practicality.
- Optimists can celebrate the glass half-full in an imperfect world. Optimism is not the same as idealism. In fact, it may be just the opposite. Idealists are easily disheartened because reality almost never lives up to their notions of the way things should be.

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