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Friday, April 29, 2005

RSS -Revolutionises The Web World!!

RSS is heralding a major revolution in the webworld.When pointcast was introduced people expected the demise of the web browsers.That did not happen.RSS seems to be be the killer protocol for push media. RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, makes it easy to extract chunks of text from web pages and feed them into a news reader installed on a PC, PDA or cell phone. (The news reader can be a standalone program or it can be built into a browser, an e-mail application, or an external web page.) Feeds subscription and updation are based on user preferences. The feeds can be blog posts or wire-service headlines or magazine articles or book chapters or sports scores or product descriptions - you name it. The great thing about RSS (or alternative formats like Atom) is that it's a push medium that's not at all pushy. You control what you read and when you read it. And it's efficient. The Internet now needs a simple, automated method for assembling and delivering information as it never has before.

Nicholas points out, RSS used by by some 6 million Americans - may pose the biggest challenge yet to the livelihoods of print publications, particularly newspapers. It introduces a whole new way of aggregating news and other information, controlled by readers and customized to their particular needs and fancies. No wonder google is looking at monetizing feed services. Traditional publishers are going to have to think hard about the consequences not only for their print editions but for their web sites as well.

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