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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Google Is Syndication Shy!!

Steve Rubel writes, Google hasn't more openly embraced syndicated feeds be they RSS or its splintered sister, Atom. MSN and Yahoo are partying with RSS like it is 1999, Google is like the nerd sitting in the corner with no one to dance with.In Google's case every Blogger blog and Google Group publishes a feed.In addition,Gmail publishes a feed as well. However, Google does not offer any Google News or Google Web Alert feeds.
On the flip side Yahoo and MSN are offering RSS feeds that not only drive users away from their properties (such as search results and news alerts), but also the kinds of feeds that also alert users when they have posted new content that is relevant to them (such as music alerts). Google views syndication drastically differently than its competitors. On the Web Google is all about driving people away from their sites. Once they've shown them an Adwords ad they had their opportunity to collect a dollar, so why not give the users what they need and send them on their way. However, when it comes to syndicated feeds they use it as a tool to drive users to their services and that’s why they are syndication shy. Remember Autolinking?.
Feeds may be Google's greatest enemy. If Google did offer feeds that connected users with the information they are looking for from the Web they would miss the opportunity to advertise to them. Google will incorporate contextual Adwords ads into these kinds of feeds, much like Overture has done.
I'm not sure that I concur with the argument that Google looses the ability to advertise when they syndicate. They could easily insert ads into feed content.

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