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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ideas for Corporate RSS Feeds

Elizabeth Albrycht shares some good ideas for deploying RSS in corporations -i nternally as well as part of your employee communications, knowledge management, content management, and other systems. Excerpts with edits and comments:

1) RSS offers a way for users to organize incoming information - to overcome spam related issues around email– on their terms (since this is user subscription based). While ads are increasingly entering RSS feeds, but they remain relatively free from spam at this point.
2) RSS provides a great channel for delivering press releases to the journalists and analysts covering your company without clogging up their email inboxes. This channel can be used to deliver information that might not be worthy of a press release, but which you deem could be interesting to press/analysts nonetheless. Some companies using feeds successfully for their newsrooms include: Cape Clear Software ,IBM, Intel etc
3) RSS can be used to keep partners informed. It would be a good idea to add an RSS feed to extranet or partner area and keep it populated with press releases, announcements, product detail, meetings, etc.
4) To Keep your customers informed : Besides news, one likely target is product support information. Product tuning, specs, troubleshooting and security updates are just a few of the topics that companies like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and UserLand Software provide in their RSS feeds.
5) Provide specific informational categories to enable users to receive what they are most interested in. There can be distinct feeds for different products / Geographies or services.
6) Resource centers/online libraries could be made dynamic. RSS can be used to inform audiences of new case studies, white papers, and presentations. By providing a feed specific to your library, people don't have to visit the website to see what's new.
7) RSS feeds can be created for each event planned, as well as a general event feed that keeps your audiences up to date on where and when your organization will appear.
8) RSS feed can be setup to capture and publish everything that is being said the organization online, and audiences can be kept up to date on the buzz in an automated, easy-to-manage manner. This also provides a great way for employees and executives to listen to what people are saying about the organization.
9) RSS feeds can be set up to feed for special promotions. Limited-time only product discounts, early-bird specials to events, prizes and more to key customer sets can be provided.
10) RSS feeds can be created using private (password-protected) RSS feeds as public ones. These can be a great way to keep employees, partners, customers informed of company happenings, events, promotions, office closings, and other information you don't necessarily want widely available.A feed can also be used for a final press release distribution 24 hours before it hits the wire, - to comply with SEC regulations. Well thought out - with RSS feeds getting more and more popular - corporates need to embrace feeds in a big way - in as many ways as possible.

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