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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Google Desktop Search 1.0 : Web 2.0 In Action

Google’s 1.0 release adds search over the full text of PDFs and the meta-information stored with music, image and video files including support for the Firefox and Netscape browsers,Thunderbird and Netscape email clients and new Chinese and Korean language interfaces.

- In addition to searching a wide range of computer files and email, Google desktop search tool can access the full text of web page history. Google Desktop Search can also be used to recover accidentally deleted or misplaced information.All results are accompanied by cached snapshots of each web page and document so users can access information even if they’re not connected to the web or if a document has been deleted.
- Google Desktop Search will also provide application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable software developers to create new and innovative applications using the desktop search Product.
- Additional enhancements to Google Desktop 1.0 include a free-standing search box that users can place anywhere on their desktop; making access to desktop and web information faster and easier than before.
- In addition to enabling users to block HTTPS web pages, Google Desktop Search now also excludes all password-protected documents from Microsoft Word and Excel.

As John Battell writes, the new version of Google Desktop will include APIs for any Windows application developer, letting anyone plug their application into GDS (ie, iTunes, chat, or...MSFT Office, for example).Developers can access these APIs to do two things:
- one, to make sure their documents are indexed by GDS, and appear as searched by GDS in any way they care to.
- And second, to plug Google search, all of Google search, into their apps. new GDS will also create a floating "search box" independent of any browser, which you can place anywhere you want on top of Windows....Web 2.0. certainly,
- it's also true that this release will cause no shortage of consternation up in Redmond

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