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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bill Burnham On 2005 Software Top Trends

Bill is spot on when he writes, XML is at the heart of almost every significant trend in the software industry from Service Oriented Architectures, to Message Aware Networking, to Composite Applications, to Data Abstraction. Bill writes, for all its importance though, XML has always played second fiddle to HTML. However 2005 may well be remembered as the year in which XML eclipses HTML in terms of overall importance to the web. That’s because XML is now the de facto language of machines-to-machine interaction on the web and such interaction is exploding thanks to adoption of web services and the proliferation of web-capable devices. Now XML is evolving to the point where many new XML-based standards seek to embed within XML aspects previously only associated with complied code, such as business logic and state. In this way XML messages are now becoming free standing bits of code and integral parts of applications. In essence, XML messages are becoming software. I also concur with Bill in his reading Sofware as a service where he writes, 2005 may very well turn out to be the year that software as a service goes from being an alternative means of delivering software to being the preferred means. I can already see a groundswell of favorable opinion about this with small enteprises.

Bill's 2005 Top 10 Software Trends:
#1 XML
#2 Open Source
#3 Software As A Service
#4 Service Oriented Architectures
#5 Message Aware Networking
#6 Inter-Enterprise Applications
#8 Composite Applications.

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