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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Nokia And RFID Advances : 2-IN-1 GSM + RFID Solutions

It is a dream situation when RFID is deployed using mobile technology -For two principal reasons amongst many:
A. Due to Ubiquity of the mobile - we recently wrote,mobile phone users constitute 25% of world's population and Mobile Revolution Is Next Only To The Internet Revolution.
B.Due to the ease with which RFID can be deployed - If RFID can piggyback on mobile technology, the ease of deployment becomes relatively easy.
AME Info recently reported Nokia Field Force Solution - one touch to connect field teams and assets to a company's back office systems. Nokia has introduced the Nokia Field Force Solution based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. The solution allows for easy management of tasks and service team workflow in the field. The Nokia Field Force Solution consists of the J2EE based software product, the Nokia Local Interactions Server and client software, which work together with the earlier announced Nokia Mobile RFID kit for the Nokia 5140 phone and the Nokia NFC shell for the Nokia 3220 phone, and RFID tags. Nokia calls this 2-IN-1 technology combining GSM and RFID.

The Nokia Field Force Solution is designed specifically for industry sectors such as security, services, utilities, health care, and government branches to increase the efficiency of field personnel. Application examples include repair, maintenance, asset management, time, attendance, meter reading and work completion reporting. The Solution enables real-time, two-way interaction between the client software, Nokia Local Interactions Server and a company's existing back-office systems, such as work scheduling, task management or information databases. A unique benefit of this solution is that it allows both the sending of information on location, work time or task status from the field to the office and the receiving of information, such as service instructions or work assignments on the field. Simply touching the RFID tag placed on objects - such as billboards, meters or other equipment - with the Nokia RFID enabled phone start the information exchange. The data is then sent as text message or GPRS data as real-time exchange with the Nokia Local Interactions Server and the company's systems.After a successful pilot project, Falck Security in Finland has decided to deploy the Nokia Field Force Solution in their security services. "By implementing the solution, we significantly improve communication to and from our security guards on the road and offer our customers greater visibility of our service performance," says Clas Nyström, Guarding Director at Falck Security Finland. "Previously, our security guards had to carry two devices with them, now they only need one for real-time data capture and transfer - the Nokia 5140 mobile phone with the RFID Reader shell." Falck Finland Oy belongs to Group 4 Securicor, which is the global leader of security operations with 340,000 employees worldwide. This not only signifies advances for mobile and RFID technologies, but for Nokia, the marketleader as well, considering that it was seen to be losing edge.

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