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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Macs for the Masses – Tipping Point For Macintosh

( Via Scott Upton) Paul Nixon has created a great info-graphic illustrating Apple's drive toward the "mass market" middle of the consumer landscape. Only time will tell if Apple’s current strategy was the result of clear-eyed wisdom about the marketplace or the result of an ongoing wave of luck.Paul explains,"The Sweet Spot. Until January 2005, Apple had no iPod or PC products that served the mass market. With the launch of iPod Shuffle and Mac mini they have finally converged two product paths with the mass market in mind. This will not only drive more iPod sales (via the Shuffle), but also fulfill the promised "halo" effect of the iPod products as PC users jump to the Mac mini. The graphic shows, over the course of 2005, Apple will continue to dominate and grow its MP3 player market share, while steadily growing its PC business through the Mac mini. As with the original iPod, the Mac mini could build slow, but serious momentum in the market place. Within a one to two year timeframe, the Mac mini could bring Apple to a tipping point in which a combination of factors create strong double digit market share in the mass-PC market, as Windows-based PC's continue to suffer from viruses and adware and users are drawn to the elegant and affordable simplicity of the Mac mini".

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