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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Robert Frances Group: WebSphere vs. .NET: Comparing e-business platform for the enterprise

Few weeks back, we published in this blog details of a massive study that compared IBM WebSphere / J2EE against Microsoft .NET on a number of dimensions: developer productivity, manageability, reliability and application performance - the report was prepared by the Middleware Company. IBM blogger,Ed Brill points out to a new research report analysed slightly differently. The report available here , compares websphere and .net for suitability to adoption to ebusiness for the enterprise ,prepared by Robert Frances Group states,that some of the costs involved are not necessarily lower for WebSphere... but they are competitive, in terms of acquisition, development costs, and definitely in management and support.

WebSphere deployments may involve more architectural elements and higher developer salaries than Visual Basic(VB).NET. However, better out-of-the-box security levels, higher functionality, higher server-toadministrator ratios, and more extensive management interfaces reduce long-term ownership costs, and make the platform a much better choice in the long run.WebSphere also addresses enterprise elasticity because it provides customers with choices should a hardware platform or operating system change be required. Strategic elements such as these can provide long-term benefits that can help a company meet aggressive growth schedules, weather tight economies, and address other business challenges. RFG thus believes WebSphere is generally the best choice for enterprise development projects.

P.S- The middleware group study was partially funded by Microsoft and Robert Frances Group study was partially funded by IBM.
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