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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Open Source, Microsoft and Challenges

Fred writes that all his companies have moved from using Microsoft products to opensource products. He says, Using Firefox has cracked open his mind to this open source ecosystem. You don't like something about the product, you create an extension that fixes it. And publish it for the rest of the world to use. He quotes statement of Kim Polese said at Web 2.0 "The rules of open source: nobody owns it, everybody can use it, and anybody can improve it." and predicts that Microsoft can't comepete with this tidal wave of community based software. It's too powerful.
I think the potential for open source to be widely used is certainly high - but the challenges for enterprises to switch to open source is really formidable. Freely made available software like Star Office itself with the backing of sun could never make it to centerstage - It would be nearly impossible for various open source software(thought there may be many liking to make this happen) to get any significant global share - they can give a fighting chance only if these come under a common foundation and provide reassuring faciltieis for support and extensions. I guess that marketshare for opensource like Apache webserver at 68%( as per netcraft) is possible amongst other things due to a good organisational framework that supports it.

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