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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

PC's and Media Revamped by Adam Bosworth

Adam Bosworth dreams about the combination of PC, Terabyte Harddisks,Bluetooth and Cellphones reshaping the entertainment industry.The core idea runs as,"With an amp and speakers (of good quality) and just plug them into a box that in turn, talks wirelessly to all of PC's and/or hard disks. if we think of the box as a preamp, but it can be a lot simpler than old ones because the only sound source and media source is ethernet and 80211, and if cell phone can support bluetooth to the box so that it can be used and its screen and keyboard/keypad to pick the album, artist, movie, tv show, etc to play/record and the box to support record like a Tivo, but on thehard disks. Why cell phone? Because these days it has a good enough screen to show a list of artists or albums or shows with a keyboard, but even without it, it has a keyboard and pointing and then there is just one device in life". Bosworth's thought is quite interesting. Adam Bosworth, a software industry icon, visionary and architect of several products including Borland Quattro, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Internet Explorer, BEA WebLogic application server and Workshop, and now with Google is somebody to listen to. I just thought that with so many technology advances happening and in the iPod generation, shouldn't we think of things more composite - all things bundled into one - may be too crazy but the direction may have some appeal.
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