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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Leadership - How to Achieve Your Vision via Feld

Feld writes about his uncleCharlie Feld EVP,Portfolio Management of EDS as one of the most extraordinary manager and leader to work with. Charlie Feld writes about leadership in the CIO magazine. His recent column Three skills a leader needs to get the job done is quite insightful. Charlie says,"Even if you prepare for contingencies, nothing happens the way you expect. You've seen this in sports: A game plan is formulated and athletes drill to execute flawlessly. Then game day comes and a star player gets hurt or the other team changes its approach. Great teams and exceptional leaders rise to the occasion. They are able to execute their plans because they establish close partnerships, they act decisively, and most important of all, they stay focused on their goals" and lists,
(1) Partnerships Need Reinforcement,
(2) Decisiveness Demands Confidence, and
(3) To Get Focused, Get Together
as key guidelines that leaders should exhibit and demand in building great teams and leading oraganisations.He adds that leaders also need good values if they are to inspire achievement and help others to grow. The legacy of a leader is not just what he or she accomplishes, but how it gets done.Charlie's other articles like How to Read the Signs and How to build great teams are excellent reads. Charlie's thoughts are moulded by very significant experience for extended periods of time at various organisations -mostly as CIO is indeed very significant and as Feld rightly points out -"Part of the magic of Charlie is that his management theory isn't impenetrable academic stuff or theoretical philosophy based on qualitative and quantitative analysis of a large data set - it's common sense in simple language and concepts based on deep experience. And - it all holds together".
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