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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Internet and its dominance of the media.

Online media rate highly in head to head comparisons with offline media across all age groups in the US. For example, 97% believe online is the same or better than magazines for finding information about products and music. In addition, 83% say reading a story on the Internet is the same or better than reading one in a newspaper, and 67% say that watching a short video clip online is the same or better than watching highlights on television. Longer-format videos compare less favorably online, with 63% sill believing that television is better for watching longer video programming. Some of the key findings are very interesting and a definite pointer towards the online media getting stronger and stronger -in regards to product purchase information, travel and entertainment related information, the online media has become the most preferred across different age groups. Some Key findings are :
A. Internet now ranks head-to-head with offline media
B. Internet is the most preferred media for information, travel, fun and entertainment.
C. Few generational differences exist when it comes to behaviours and attitudes.
D. Young people show clear preference for using internet as primary source of news.
While the sample population refers to the US environment, other nations advanced in internet infrastructure and usage and nations catching up would more-or-less show similar characterstics. The data is clear..
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