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Monday, September 27, 2004

End -of-Road for IT Creativity via Infoworld

Distinctive systems once provided competitive barriers," Nicholas Carr says,..."But barriers have eroded as accessibility, affordability and standardization have increased," Carr adds. Don Tapscott counters by saying that IT can spark business model changes that can help companies gain strategic advantages over competitors.Nicholas Carr continues his passionate theme by saying that The economies of scale that standardized open systems provide has outweighed the costs of the temporary advantages that proprietary systems offer and this further commoditises the value of IT to business. Tapscott rightfuly counters,"New business processes can help drive new business models that are even harder to replicate, and can transform the whole culture of a company, which is even more difficult, and may be even impossible, to replicate"."The Internet is a platform for programmability and on that platform companies can make innovations.Today's Internet has become a "hypernet". "Billions, trillions of objects around the world are now smart communication devices.The most important point is not about technology, it's about how IT enables new business models and designs." The final comments from Don Topscott are quite insightful -"By giving up on IT innovation you're not giving up on just IT but on business innovation as a whole."
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