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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Depicting Life Without the Internet - An Interesting Study

Yahoo co-sponsored a study wherein a set of people were deprived of access to internet to understand what effect this could have on regular internet users.Study participants suffered withdrawal symptoms, feelings of loss when deprived of web access for two weeks. This study is entirely indicative of the myriad ways that the Internet, in just ten short years of mainstream consumer consumption, has irrevocably changed the daily lives of consumers. This is true to the extent that Yahoo found that it was incredibly difficult to recruit participants for this study, as people weren't willing to be without the Internet for two weeks. Deep ethnographic research like this enables to do much more than look at consumer trends, it allows a rare glimpse into the reasons consumers make the choices they do and how they are emotionally impacted. This can then help marketers apply these insights to reach their target audiences. We published yesterday research findings about the impact the online media is having on consumers and in a few areas, has become the primary means for information and commerce. The internet is indeed one of the giant strides for humanity.
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