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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Developing Nations See Linux as a Savior From Microsoft's Grip via LATimes

Governments in China, Brazil - two large emerging markets for Microsoft are steering towards opensource solutions. Variety of reasons - security, economic and ideological concerns — threaten to dent Microsoft's ambitions and are making governments and the bureaucrats around the world to embrace open source. Open-source software is less susceptible to security bugs. That's because the programming instructions are open for review, not kept secret, as in the case of Microsoft's Windows. In theory, with more people around the world working on open-source software, improving it and exchanging information, the easier it is to spot Trojan horses, viruses and subversion attempts by hackers.For some governments, the problem is Microsoft itself. They harbor a deep-seated skepticism of global capitalism and what they view as enslavement to a foreign company with a monopoly on the market. For Instance,China has made no secret of its plans to become a high-tech powerhouse and sees Linux and other adaptable open-source systems as the vehicle to get there, by stimulating the development of supplementary software and applications. Anyway, serious competition is setting in for Microsoft.
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