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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Apple Putting More Focus on Simplifying Searching via NYT

The problem of searching for information on a personal computer is one of the most troublesome issues facing the computer industry, and one that Apple - which today has only 5 percent of the PC market - will be the first to solve."Search is a problem for every personal computer company," Mr. Jobs said in an interview at the Apple Worldwide Developer conference. "It's easier to find a document in a million pages on the Web using Google than it is to find a document on your hard drive."With Tiger,Apple's search solution, that will no longer be the case, Mr. Jobs said, because Spotlight will be able to find data stored on a hard drive regardless of the type of file it is hidden in.The function is based on technology used in iTunes that permits users of Apple's music service to organize and search through song collections. Spotlight will show up as an icon in the top right corner of the screen, much like the search buttons that show up on Web pages. By incorporating roughly 150 new features in Tiger, Apple is "clearly going after Longhorn". Apple dazzles the industry by being the first to acheive new things - a trait that it has demonstrated consistently for several years. Truly commendable -Mr.Jobs
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