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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Some perspectives on information overload

Computers are great at making information cheaper and cheaper, but it takes humans to respond and act on that data. For most tasks, you still need a person in the loop. But humans can also be a bottleneck. We have more demand and overload on our cognitive abilities, and that prevents technology from being as effective as it can be.Some say that just as electricity replaced muscle work, IT is replacing mental work. That's not really a good analogy. While there are specific applications where computers replace thinking, in most cases they're more of a complement to each other, not a substitute.With advances in technology, the demand for human cognitive skills has gone up, not the reverse. In the 21st century, successful business models will take advantage of low-cost information, just as 19th-and 20th-century successes emerged when business leaders learned to exploit the falling prices of coal, iron, oil, and other commodities. Successful companies in the future will have design principles that let them exploit low-cost information without being paralyzed by information overload. The four strategies that Erik Brynjolfsson of MIT and his team have arrived at for enterprises to effectively managing information overaloads are: A.They can simply ignore some of the information. B.Develop intelligent, machine-based filters and automated decision makers that off-load processes from humans via computers and software. C.Introduce more distributed decision making. D. Improve employees' information-processing capacity. A very important area of research that can have keys to differentiating value for enterprises to competing in future.
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