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Friday, May 21, 2004

Making India Shine By Thomas Friedman Via NYTimes

The lesson of India's election: the broad globalization strategy that India opted for in the early 1990's has succeeded in unlocking the country's incredible brainpower and stimulating sustained growth, which is the best antipoverty program. I think many Indians understand that retreating from their globalizing strategy now would be a disaster and result in India's neighborhood rival, China, leaving India in the dust.But the key to spreading the benefits of globalization across a big society is not about more Internet. It is about getting your fundamentals right: good governance, good education. India's problem is not too much globalization, but too little good governance. Local government in India — basic democracy — is so unresponsive and so corrupted it can't deliver services and education to rural Indians. Thomas Friedman, perhaps among the most widely travelled and hiighly incisive journalst, makes a very pertinent observation - Corruption, Responsiveness, Speed are the key and if i may add india needs to commit to 20 mega projects year after year for next 5 years are the basic requirements to keep the country improving.
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