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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Is Singh Right for India's Top Job by Andy Mukherjee

Andy Mukherjee writes that the composition of the new indian government under Dr.Manmohan Singh would prevent him from delivering effectively I entirely agree with Andy on this - despite the general optimism exhibited by the indian press about Dr.Singh heading the government, I think at a time when India really needed to grow much faster and liberalise much more effectively, this change of guard and rise of power/influence for leftists and smaller parties woukd make reforms stagnate - at this juncture, India needs to accelarate the reform process and just staying on course alone or keeping liberalisation sentiments alive by having Dr. singh head the government would not help.There are also fears that Gandhi's coterie will not allow Singh a completely free hand in the days to come; it remains to be seen how he manages them.Another concern, not voiced openly yet, that 10, Janpath will never let Singh to grow larger than life for fear that this might destroy the chances of Rahul Gandhi, who is expected to, sooner or later, become prime minister.

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