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Saturday, May 29, 2004

eBay executive gives us the inside scoop on eBay's business

Amazing details about eBay, these detail confirm that eBay is the dominant commerce site in the online world1) $70 to $80 billion runs through the eBay platform (yes, he called eBay a "platform") every quarter.2) Every hour eBay registers 3000 to 4000 new users.3) This year they are expecting somewhere around $3.5 billion in revenues. That's above expectations. 4) Every day about a terabyte of data courses through eBay's data centers (most of the machines running eBay are running Windows, he told me. The back end they use is running on Sun Microsystems computers). He says eBay's use of Windows shows that Microsoft's stuff is good enough for high-transaction, high-load computing.5) Last year 10,000 customers showed up for the first "eBay Live" conference. This year's event is expected to see even more people.6) They have about 5000 employees right now and are hiring about 1000 new employees this year (and he says they can't find enough great employees to hire).7) eBay's founder, Pierre Omidyar, started eBay because he wanted a way to sell and buy Pez dispensers and there wasn't a good way to do that on the Internet before. By the way, Pierre is a blogger.8) eBay has a high degree of customer lockin. How? Well, for one, many of their customers are getting rich. Second, the more you buy and sell on eBay, the better your ratings, and those aren't transferable to other auction systems.
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