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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Next Wave Of Advances In Tech Will 'Surprise Us,' Gates Predicts

Bill Gates, who foresaw a revolution in computing and built a business empire on his vision, scoffs at notions the software field is mature.To take the industry to the next level, he says, technology must get better. Web services software and standards must improve so that disparate computers and programs can share and update information as they get it. Speech recognition and online search need to be more precise. Gates says,"There are so many exciting and challenging problems to tackle - from natural language processing to navigating large amounts of digital information - and the way we solve them will help technology further improve our lives". Technology will never lose its ability to surprise humanity, software breakthroughs will make computing vastly more powerful and intuitive in a few short years and for the current generation, technology is like oxygen to them, and the ways they're using it will define how we build computers and write software in the future.
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