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Friday, April 23, 2004

Google - Challenging times ahead Via Bweek

All around the world, Web-surfing humanity has found its way to Google's bare-bones Web site and picked up the simple formula, pecking out a few words and hitting enter. Google has blazed a new path of learning and turned its search engine into the keys to knowledge. Its massive banks of servers process more than 3,000 searches every second of the day. Now, much of Silicon Valley waits eagerly for the miracle company to translate its soaring popularity into a mountain of cash."Google has proved a better mousetrap matters," says Microsoft Corp. CEO Steven A. Ballmer. Yahoo, Microsoft are leading the assault on Google. But google, as a company still operates under freewheeling management, a vestige of its peaceful prosperity as a private company. Under a ruling triumvirate, no one exec has clear control. Competitors are attempting to outflank Google and turn search into a ubiquitous feature, a commodity. To defend its market, Google must come up with a better model, one that establishes its search engine as a central platform for computing. This pushes Google to extend from its slender specialized base and venture into many of the same broad services the giants offer. To keep the big powers from feasting on its specialty, Google must stretch and become a sprawling power of its own. The search market is undeegoing huge chnage.In time, search engines will feast on every bit of personal information we're willing to share, and serve up links that fit our tastes and locales -- maybe even fine-tuning them according to the time of day. It's a market headed for dramatic growth and change. Interesting developments lay ahead.
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