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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The Adaptive Edge and utility computing

A company that can predict the future, map current IT resources -- namely people, technologies, investments, and projects -- to business demands, and analyze those it has used in the past is an adaptive organization Becoming adaptive is a multiyear evolution. There are four states:
Reactive: Companies take action based on stimulus. They want to plan, but execution is disorganized, with poor internal coordination.Managed: Companies are reactive, but have a set of processes and procedures. Planning focuses on how to react better and optimizing a single process. Proactive: Companies anticipate needs, plan extensively, and, while still occasionally reacting, have a degree of automation. They're rarely caught off guard. They have long-term plans, well-documented processes, and extensive coordination. Adaptive: Not only are these companies proactive, but they anticipate potential needs. Business units and IT can automatically make changes either manually, triggered by a process, or with automation technology, triggered by metric analysis.
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